Dear Lily and Venesse,
Wed, 16 Nov 2011, not 09 Nov 2011 has become a date of significance to our family.

We are indeed very thankful for all the efforts you and your team have put in to effect such a wondrous outcome. We are most appreciative of your point-blank frankness, quick and attentive responses, professional etiquette and most of all, your feisty “fight for my rights” spirit. Lily, indeed you have a wonderful team beside you.

I am already a “self appointed” salesman for you, having recommended your firm to a few good friends of ours in Melbourne, if not to obtain approvals, at least for an honest and frank assessment, which you have done for us in the beginning. So don’t be surprised when Annie starts making appointments with you or bringing in strangers into your office in the near future!!

Your advice on this is much appreciated. Until then, a sincere and heartfelt thank you from our entire family.
Best Regards,